InshAllah, Eid Al-Adha will be on Friday Sep 1st and we have a few reminders:


  1. We will pray Eid at 8:00 AM so please arrive by 7:45 AM or so, you can make takbeer with the community.
  2. It is a strong Sunnah to fast the day of Wakfat Arafat. This will be Thursday August 31st.
  3. Because Eid occurs on a Friday, the Friday prayer becomes optional for those who attend the Eid prayer. In the book, Fekh-Al-Sunnah, the author provides several Ahadeeth that state that when Eid is on a Friday and you pray Eid, you might pray the Friday prayer if you wish. At the ICTC, we will hold Friday prayer at the regular time inshAa’ Allah for those who wish  to attend. 
  4. Everyone is welcome to bring refreshments  

Thank you,

Best regards,

Executive Council