We are asking for support for two brothers Alameer(age 13) and Durgham(age 9) after they were both hit by a car on Tuesday night, November 6th.  

Alameer is recovering from surgery after a compound fracture in one leg, injuries in the other leg and a fracture in his back.  

Durgham is recovering after brain trauma and fractures in his skull, pelvis, collar bone and ribs.

Alameer is still in the hospital and both boys will have several weeks of rehabilitation.

Please help us support this wonderful family on their very long road of recovery. Any amount is greatly appreciated. Please continue to keep both boys in your thoughts and prayers.

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السلام عليكم،
هذه الصفحه مخصصه ليستفيد منها اللاجئين في الترايسيتي حيث يستطيع اللاجئين عرض احتياجتهم على الصفحة

و آخرين سيكتبون عن الأشياء التي يريدون التبرع بها و يمكن للجميع الاستفادة و التبادل

ICTC is happy to launch a special facebook page to help local refugees



"Tri-Cities Refugees Support group " Facebook page is a new effort to help and support the local refugees with their needs.

It is a way and bridge to connect their needs with the generous people in Tri-Cities who did and continue to support their needs

If you have any thing that you don't need and like to donate you can post it on this page, where refugees can see it and contact you to get it.

 Also, Refugees have a chance to post their needs to see if someone can help


Our monthly potluck and general assembly meeting are going to be this coming Saturday 12/08/18 from 4 to 6 pm.

Please plan to attend this great community social gathering. More details are in the attached flyer.

Hope to see all of you at the potluck

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