Potluck for 2/9/19, and Sunday School for 2/10/19 are canceled because of extreme weather related condition. 

Hope everyone to stay safe and warm


•If you have a special skill or special knowledge (or know someone who has a skill) and would like to benefit the community, please email us. 

•Examples: Basic life support, first Aid skills, cooking skills, how to make great videos, how to take great photos, make a web site, create an app, sew, knit or crochet, bake from scratch, garden, self-defense, teach a new sport, calligraphy, art, Dabke,....


We are asking for support for two brothers Alameer(age 13) and Durgham(age 9) after they were both hit by a car on Tuesday night, November 6th.  

Alameer is recovering from surgery after a compound fracture in one leg, injuries in the other leg and a fracture in his back.  

Durgham is recovering after brain trauma and fractures in his skull, pelvis, collar bone and ribs.

Alameer is still in the hospital and both boys will have several weeks of rehabilitation.

Please help us support this wonderful family on their very long road of recovery. Any amount is greatly appreciated. Please continue to keep both boys in your thoughts and prayers.

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