Our community monthly potluck is on Saturday November 10th from 5 to 7 PM. The monthly potluck is a great opportunity for our community members to gather, see each other and enjoy a night full of activities.

We will have a visitor, Dr. Roach talking about Digital Dental Innovation for a Better Patient Experience and at the same time Imam Jamal will be talking to our youth about the birthday of prophet Mohammed peace be upon him.

Please plan to attend the potluck with your family and invite your friend, your neighbor to share with them this great occasion.


Our Muslim Youth Group is raising money for the National Breast Cancer Foundation! All proceeds go directly to the foundation and help with screenings, education and more! We would love it if you took the time to even donate $1.

Anything would help.



·       First day of Islamic Sunday School of the Tri-Cities will be Sunday 9/9/2018

·       Schedule for that day will be as following:

10:00- 12:00

·       School Registration

·       Fees payment

·       Pick up books

·       Meet the Teachers

12:15- 1:00 



Ø  At least one parent or guardian has to attend the first day with their student/s


Ø  Registration forms will be available to pick up Friday 9/7/18 after the prayer


Ø  You can also print the attached registration form, fill it and bring it on Sunday.


Ø  For any question please contact Hala Abdel Aal at (509)438-4372 or ictcsundayschool@gmail.com


We wish all our students, teachers and parents a happy and productive new academic year


Kind Regards

ICTC Sunday School Principal

Hala Abdel Aal


Our New Imam (Brother Jamal Hamdan) joined ICTC on 5/15/18.


ICTC Facebook page:

Dear brothers and Sisters

The Webpage "Muslims in Tri-Cities" does NOT represent ICTC "Islamic Center of Tri Cities" anymore. It is now a personal page.

The new official Facebook page for ICTC "Islamic Center Of Tri Cities" is " Islamic Center of Tri-Cities -New Page"






Media and Public Relation

Media request should be directed to Yehia at 438-4178. He is also in charge of making announcements after Friday Prayer. Please submit your announcement in writing before the prayer or email it to him in a timely manner at ynadi_2@yahoo.com.

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