Islamic Center of Tri-Cities

Islamic Center of Tri-Cities


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ICTC appreciates your support of ICTC and would like you to please keep ICTC in mind when you shop on Amazon.

Islamic Center of Tri-Cities has been registered with Amazon Smile ( as Charitable Organization which means every time you shop with them we will receive "0.5%" of the purchase amount.

Next time you shop on Amazon please follow the following steps:

1. Please go to after signing in it will ask you to choose the organization you want to support.

2. Search for "Islamic Center of Tri-Cities", in the search result select the "Islamic Center of Tri-Cities"

3. Once you make the selection it will stay with your profile and every time you will log in it will remind you of it. Please make sure you go through, it will not effect your shopping experience on Amazon. 

4. To avoid all the above steps, you can directly click on the link up.