History of Islamic Center of Tri-Cities

Islamic Center of Tri-Cities (ICTC) was established in 1979. We are in Southeast part of Washington state, located at 2900 Bombing Range Road, West Richland, WA. In 1986, a small residential house was purchased which served the need of 15 muslim families. Our community with 100 families outgrew this place. We bought 2.5 acres land and built the present mosque in 1996. We currently have more than 500 families and almost 1500 muslims living in the Tri-Cities.

    Statement of Islamic Society of Augusta Regarding Attack on Tree of Life Synagogue

The Islamic Center of Tri-Cities (ICTC) condemns in the strongest possible terms the horrific attack on Tree of Life Synagogue in Pittsburgh on Saturday (October 28, 2018). We join with all Muslims and other faith organizations across the country, noting that the heinous and cowardly attack is totally inconsistent with the tenets of our faiths. Islam’s holy book, The Qur’an, says (paraphrased) “If one murders an innocent person, it is as if he murdered all of mankind.” Indeed, American Muslims today feel as if they were attacked along with America’s Jews.

 Our hearts are filled with grief and sympathy for the congregation of Tree of Life, especially the families of those killed or injured in the attack. We express our solidarity with the Jewish community during this time of shock and grief.