Islamic Center of Tri-Cities Policy for out of city Visitors including Dawah groups:


· Only pre-approved visits are permitted.  Please email us ( at least 15 days in advance of your planned visit to request approval for your visit. 

· Requests must be submitted at least 15 Days in advance of planned arrival. No exceptions.

· When ready to visit, confirm your arrival date and time with us to arrange for access to the facility and a visitor orientation.

· Kitchen can NOT be used for cooking, but maybe used to heat food. Additionally, overnight stay or sleeping in ICTC is not permitted, unless valid ID is provided at least 15 days before arrival to do necessary security check up.

·Confirm your departure date and time with ICTC EC to arrange for a visitor check-out.

ICTC Members are not allowed to let any out of the city visitors in without Executive Committee (EC) notification or EC may be forced to deactivate their access cards.