Ramadan Mubarak and may Allah accept your fasting, prayers and Dua'a. 

ISNA confirmed that Ramadan Starts Monday May 6, and we will have our first Taraweeh Sunday May 5th. 

see link for ISNA official announcement


We would like to remind you that starting 04/05/19 our Friday prayer will start at 1 pm which means the Khutbah will start at 1 pm and the prayer will be around 1:30 PM. This Friday prayer timing will be kept for year around. We already discussed this with multiple Imams and our religious leaders and also results of community survey showed that more than 80% are in favor of the change.

There are two different opinions about this and both supported by authentic hadiths, one that has no objection of having Friday prayer prior to Duhr prayer and the second one favor the Friday prayer no earlier than Duhr prayer time. In our situation, staring at 1 pm and praying around 1:30 pm puts us year around after the Duhr prayer in the north west (the latest is 1:08 pm in June).

The objective of this change is to ease and allow community members who are working on Friday to attend prayer in a consistent time and have a fixed lunch break.


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