We are very excited to announce that the Islamic Center of Tri-Cities will be part of the amazing faith and Culture Festival on Sunday 6/16 from 12-5 pm in Howard Amon Park. 

For now, the following countries will have a booth: Palestine, Jordan, Pakistan, Somalia, Iraq, Bangladesh, Egypt. 

If anyone else is interested to represent their culture/country, or help any of the existing booths,

please contact us at islamiccenteroftricites@gmail.com


A hadith of prophet Mohammed PBUH says “Whoever feeds a fasting person will have reward like that of the fasting person, without any reduction in his reward.” (Tirmidhi) 

Ramadan will begin on May 5 

Throughout the month of Ramadan, there will be community Iftars during each Friday and Saturday. Iftars are going to be sponsored by community families. If you would like to sponsor an Iftar or contribute to seek the great reward for providing Iftar for your fasting brothers and sisters, please sign up for a date.

To sign up please click on the following link


Ramadan Mubarak and may Allah accept your fasting, prayers and Dua'a. 

ISNA confirmed that Ramadan Starts Monday May 6, and we will have our first Taraweeh Sunday May 5th. 

see link for ISNA official announcement

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