Islamic Center of Tri-Cities

Islamic Center of Tri-Cities


ICTC Committees 

Religious Affairs

- To offer religious leadership to the community and ensure the steadfast adherence to Islamic principles in all its activities.

  • Alaa Aly
  • Yehia Ibrahim
  • Mohammed Al Sayed
  • Salahuddin Tariq

Education Committee

- Unlocking the wonder of Islam for our young Muslim champions. To create a dynamic space where young Muslims thrive, grow in understanding, and become confident leaders, grounded in compassion and integrity, ready to shape a brighter future

  • Mostafa Taha
  • Mohamed Gorashi


- Plan and implement strategic processes to realize ICTC's financial goals, ensuring sustainable growth and efficient utilization of resources.

  • Babar Mohammad
  • Raziuddin Khaleel
  • Fareed Arif

Social Committee

Our vision is to create a vibrant and inclusive community, fostering connections and celebrating our diversity

  • Tahmeena Mohammadi
  • Noryas Ghuzlan
  • Huma Bilal

Maintenance & Support Committee

- To provide an environment that transcends mere safety protocols, aiming to weave a tapestry of warmth, inclusivity, and advanced security measures, ensuring our center stands as a sanctuary where every individual feels both protected and genuinely welcomed.

  • Ismail Al Kaheli
  • Hamidullah Nazari
  • Mahmoud Elbusaidy
  • M.Rahman


Uniting the community to uplift and support one another, fostering a collective spirit that strengthens the bonds within our diverse and vibrant community.

  • Hala Abdel Aal
  • Shaista Sidiqi
  • Sabiha Khan
  • Rana Deep

NextGen Connections - An ICTC Youth Group

- Fostering vibrant connections at ICTC: A hub for young Muslims to thrive spiritually, learn, and engage in diverse, enjoyable activities.

  • Ameera Fayad, Chair
  • Mahmoud Rahman
  • Enas Telfah
  • Anas Mohamed
  • Zaid Sidiqi