Islamic Center of Tri-Cities

Islamic Center of Tri-Cities


Classes and links

Weekly classes during summer break 

-Clear Quran with teacher Mubasher 

Meeting ID  4752642111 Password 9999

-every Tuesday at 6 pm 

-Teacher Mohammed 

Meeting ID: 865 0243 9660, Passcode: 691062 

every Tuesday at 7 pm

-Arabic 101 Teacher Marwa 

Meeting ID: 459 645 5011, Passcode: 1111  

 -every Wednesday at 12 pm

ICTC Sunday School

  ICTC Sunday School is a non profit school open to all students that would like to learn Arabic, Quran and Islamic Studies.  



•Teach Islam relevant to the current day and age while developing an American Muslim identity.

•Develop a Muslim personality based on Islamic values so that they can become future leaders who will work together as part of the community to please Allah SWT.

•Develop a sense of responsibility to society and the environment.

•Provide a basic knowledge of Islam, Quran and the Arabic language.

•Provide an opportunity for parents and children to develop a sense of brotherhood.


The school follows a systematic, comprehensive curriculum. The objective of the curriculum is to provide a broad understanding of all aspects of Islam.

Muslim Teenagers Coping: With Parents, Family, Life, the Universe and Everything

"Being a teenager is not an easy business. This book is a light-hearted, humorous, but above all, sympathetic pointer to coping with teenage life as a Muslim."

Al-Qaidah An-Noraniah

"This is the only authentic method that teaches how to read the Holy Qur'an with tajweed in an attractive way, especially for children."

The Clear Quran

"Quran recitation, with easy translations of the Surahs, with a brief history of the Quran text, the # of verses, the classification of Meccan versus Medinan revelation. The book covers Sura # 1, # 49-through the end Sura # 114"

101 Seerah Stories and Dua

"It is a richly illustrated collection of 101 great stories told in simple language that children will easily understand and relate to. The book includes well known tales from the life of the Prophet Muhammad PBUH"

Gateway to Arabic Book 2

"This book introduces the student to a broad range of Arabic vocabulary grouped according to subject, including items within the home and school, animals, shapes, colors, fruit and vegetables, transport, clothing, parts of the body, the family, occupations and nationalities."

Morals and Manners in Islam

Muslim Scout Troop 279 Boys and Girls

  Our Mission is to build an Islamic character in our youth by combining the vast experience of the Boy Scouts of America Organization and our Islamic values, guidance and role models.  



ICTC Sunday School is happy to announce the re-opening of the Youth group. Registration already started on 8/30/21 for both boys and girls age 14-21. In order to attend all the events for the 2021-2022 school year- You MUST register via the general form provided below. ICTC Youth is meant to be a safe environment where we practice the virtues of our faith. There is no tolerance for racism, bigony, sexism, inappropriate physical behavior, or bullying.


ICTC Youth is a dynamic program that seeks to connect young Muslims (ages 14-21) to the Masjid, cultivate appropriate Islamic values, build pride in their identity, instill confidence, celebrate cultural differences, develop leadership skills, and help these youth become the best versions of themselves.


-Develop a confident religious identity

-Develop brotherhood and sisterhood

-Develop a service oriented young adult

-Develop a relevant Islamic experience


-Weekly book study that focus on communication and life skills

-Monthly outdoor activities

-Frequent group halaqas and discussions on relevant topics for the youth

-Serve the community

Youth class - life skills