Islamic Center of Tri-Cities

Islamic Center of Tri-Cities


ICTC Youth Group 


ICTC Sunday School continues to support our Muslim Youth Group in Eastern Washington state.

For Registration, please email or contact Sunday School Principal, Mostafa Taha. This program is open for both boys and girls age 13-18.

ICTC Youth is meant to be a safe environment where we practice the virtues of our faith. There is no tolerance for racism, bigony, sexism, inappropriate physical behavior, or bullying.


ICTC Youth is a dynamic program that seeks to connect young Muslims (ages 13-18) to the Masjid, cultivate appropriate Islamic values, build pride in their identity, instill confidence, celebrate cultural differences, develop leadership skills, and help these youth become the best versions of themselves.


-Develop a confident religious identity

-Develop brotherhood and sisterhood

-Develop a service oriented young adult

-Develop a relevant Islamic experience


The youth Program has 4 main Cores:

1. Discussion: Monthly lectures that focus on our Youth challenges, in addition to Weekly book study every Sunday that is lead by the Youth, and group halaqas

2. Social: with Monthly outdoor/indoor activities decided by the Youth, in addition to Quarterly Group dinner  

3. Service: to serve the community

4. Skillsexecutive function and self-regulation skills.

2022-2023 Curriculum

The Youth group will talk every Sunday about one of the Mighty Muslim Muslim women and men modern Heroes who have shaped, and continue to shape our world.

Do you know Muslims come from every part of the world? Do you know of the Muslim women who are making strides in astrophysics, activism, education, and many other fields? You know Galileo and Newton but do you know Ibn al-Haytham and Mariam al-Asturlabi?

Stories of 20 More Mighty Muslim Heroes hopes to inspire and empower children with these legendary multicultural biographies.

2022 Curriculum

2021 Curriculum

Muslim Teenage Coping

Youth Activities

Soccer Camp 2022

High School Graduation

Paint Ball activity

Say No to Myths about COVID vaccine 2021

Pigot Camp

Skiing Trip

Newcomer's Camp