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20 Feb 2022
22 Jan 2022
9 Mar 2019

This is a great online Education website to teach Kids about Islam. It is Free, full with illustrations and has many Videos. Take advantage of this great website, and try to teach your kids many aspects about Islam, Quran, Arabic, Islamic Studies, Prophet stories, morals, and much more.

It is even a great source for ADULTS

2017 Year Review - Free Quran Education

14 Jul 2020
3 Nov 2019
3 Nov 2019

We are happy to open the registration to the Muslim Scouts BSA troop 279. The Scouts BSA is open to boys and girls age 11-18. Boys will be in their own troop and girls in their own troop. Registration forms will be available during our coming monthly potluck on 11/9/19, and during Sunday school on 11/17/19.  

This is a great program that teach youth many valuable lessons and help families to spend more time together. The program helps kids to build their sense of belonging, build self-esteem and learn to get along with others, all of these lifetime values are learned into fun and educational activities. It teaches family values and works to strengthen your relationship with your kid.

Act quickly to secure your kid spot 

8 Dec 2019
18 Nov 2019
26 Oct 2019

ICTC is proud to present CHAT2019. 

CHAT2019 stands for (Community Health Awareness conference in Tri-Cities). 

This is the 1st Community Health Awareness conference in Tri-Cities.

The core mission of CHAT 2019 is to serve, strengthen and engage the Tri-Cities community and improve their quality of life through communication and public awareness.

15 health care providers will be there to discuss different health topics (General health, heart, kidney, prostate, Cancer, Nutrition, Mental, Neurology, and children).   

It is a great opportunity to learn, interact, and ask questions.

When: Saturday 10/26/19 from 9-5:00.    Where: Three Rivers Convention Center  

It is a Free event and open to everyone. 

For more details about the event, and to REGISTER, visit website


29 Sep 2019
8 Sep 2019
18 Aug 2019
10 Aug 2019
3 Aug 2019
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