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Hidden in Plain Sight Event

As all of us know, raising teens can be difficult, and keeping them safe and away from trouble is every parent goal. Indicators of teen drug use, mental health concerns, unhealthy relationships, human trafficking and other risk factors can be hidden in plain sight, but easy for parents and other adults to miss.

Join us to learn about current trends, how to recognize common warning signs and how to talk to youth about these important issues.
Parents, Caregivers and other adults who work with youth are encouraged to attend this important event held in ICTC on Saturday 3/30/19 between 4-6 pm. See flyer attached for details.

If interested, RSVP no later than 3/15/19 by sending email to SEATS are LIMITED.      

3 Mar 2019
3 Feb 2019

•If you have a special skill or special knowledge (or know someone who has a skill) and would like to benefit the community, please email us. 

•Examples: Basic life support, first Aid skills, cooking skills, how to make great videos, how to take great photos, make a web site, create an app, sew, knit or crochet, bake from scratch, garden, self-defense, teach a new sport, calligraphy, art, Dabke,....

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